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Is RoomRanger a Property Management System?

RoomRanger has all the features of a Property Management System and more. It has all the essential features to manage a hotel and help it grow, including booking management, housekeeping, and financial and marketing reports. We like to think of it as a Hotel Management System, as RoomRanger can help you manage virtually all aspects of your hotel

Does RoomRanger offer a Channel Manager?

Yes, we offer a Channel Manager so you can synchronize your reservations from various online travel agencies (i.e.,, Expedia) and other channels in the RoomRanger system; and a booking widget for your website, from where you can get reservations and online payments without paying commissions.

What OTAs can you connect with?

RoomRanger connects with over 250 major OTAs, including and Expedia. Please, contact us for a complete list.

Does RoomRanger offer any other services?

Yes, we also provide services for your hotel marketing needs, such as development of websites and digital marketing consultancy.

Do I need an IT staff to set up my RoomRanger account?

No, all you need to do is follow few simple steps to set up your account after you register. If you need additional help, please contact us or visit our Help Desk in

Where is information stored?

RoomRanger is an online system (software-as-a-system), and we keep all information securely stored on our servers, which are hosted by Amazon, which is trusted by Dropbox, Instagram, and many banks. The advantage of being an online system is that your information is continuously updated and available at any time and any place for all your staff.

Can I use RoomRanger through my Smartphone?

Yes. Because RoomRanger is in the cloud, you can always see and manage your account updated in real-time through PC and mobile devices, including your Smartphone. We have designed RoomRanger to be easy to read, edit and navigate from any type of device.

Can I create more accounts for the staff?

Yes, in RoomRanger you can create as many accounts as you need for each one of your employees, manage their access in RoomRanger, and see their recent activity to follow up.

Can I create tasks and reminders for the staff?

Yes, RoomRanger has a “Tasks” feature so the staff can create a list and mark each task as completed from their mobile device. You can also create reminders than can appear as notifications in your staff smartphones.

Can I generate statistics or reports with RoomRanger?

Yes, you can generate statistics and reports on finances (income, expenses, cashflow, banking, etc.) and bookings (average of bookings, guest purchases, income per booking, etc.).

Can I send confirmation emails to guests through RoomRanger?

Yes, with a click you can automatically send confirmation emails with previously prepared text. This allows you to save time and develop a better relationship with your guest.

Can I offer special rates for peak seasons or public holidays?

Yes, RoomRanger is designed to accommodate special rates for any periods of time, such as peak seasons or public holidays.

Does RoomRanger support multiple currencies?

Yes, you can set up your account to support multiple currencies and have the values of each currency appear in your receipts.

Do you make websites?

Yes, we do. We are experts in design and development of websites, and we can show you some examples. Please contact us at to request this service or more information.

Can I take bookings from my website?

Yes, you can. We can place a booking widget in your website, so it will allow your clients to book rooms from your website. You will get these bookings directly in your RoomRanger account and you will see them instantly in your RoomRanger booking calendar.

Can I take payments through the booking widget?

Yes, you can. Please contact us so we can give the instructions to set your payment account. You can also use your booking widget without taking payments online.

Is there a commission for bookings I receive via my website?

No, you do not pay any commissions if booked from your website.