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Top 3 reasons you'll love RoomRanger

Easy To Use

Create a booking in a matter of seconds using the beautiful mobile friendly interface. It can be used anywhere at anytime.

Saves you time

One system to manage your hotel where you can consolidate and manage all your online booking channels.

Delight every guest

Manage guest profiles to offer a personalized experience, and create set workflows for staff to follow to provide a more consistent service.

Great Service - From the moment they book to checkout and beyond

"Couldn't get out of this hotel fast enough!"

Turn a bad guest experience

A poor guest experience can lead to bad word of mouth, and even worse, bad Trip Advisor reviews. People talk. This damages your brand, costs you time and can significantly reduce bookings.

"Great place, friendly and helpful staff!"

Into an unforgettable one

When you deliver an unforgettable guest experience you change the conversation into a positive one. Spend less time in damage control and more time focusing on providing your guests with the best possible experience.

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