Hotel Management System

Packed with features you'll love

Manage all your bookings & distribution in one place

One unified calendar to manage bookings from across leading channels:, Expedia, airbnb, and many more

Bookings made through online channels get automatically created in Roomranger and synced with your other booking sites

Commission-free bookings on Facebook & your website

Minimise the risk of double-bookings

Attract guests by connecting to all of the leading booking sites

Take control of your front desk & housekeeping

Manage every task — bookings, payments, housekeeping, markeitng & accounting — all from one system

Create task lists to ensure everything gets done on time

Automate frequent tasks like housekeeping for extra efficiency

Ensure all staff have access to the information they need when they need it

See and track changes to bookings, tasks and payments

Housekeeping staff can directly add products consumed to booking purchases

Housekeeping staff can add in-room purchases to the bill

Accessible anywhere on your smartphone

Hosted in the cloud — no IT department required

Manage your finances with invoicing, expenses & accounting

Accept credit cards with no monthly fee

Invoices at the click of a button

Inventory automatically adjusts as you sell and buy new stock

Categorize your sales and expenses to make tax that bit easier

Financial reports that quickly show you your hotel's financial health

Export your data for use in other applications

Unlock the information you already have with insightful reports

Analyse your data from multiple perspectives

Find out which rooms, products and services are the most profitable

Break down your guests by demographics

Identify high-value guest categories and their preferences

See what's earning you money and what's costing you the most

Live data means you always have up-to-date information

Visualize booking patterns and trends

Use clever marketing to create personalised promotions

Build detailed guest profiles

Send pre-arrival emails with additional products and services

Create special offer sbased on guest preferences

Send automated personalised emails and offers

Collect feedback with post-stay surveys

Promote your hotel on social media and create an effective website

Build your own website using our easy-to-use system

Manage your Facebook, Twitter and Tripadvisor profiles

Post promotions and specials across all of your social media channels at once

Manage your social media presence

Find out and respond to what your guests are saying about you on social media

Contact us to find out about the Social Marketing Training we offer

Manage your hotel from anywhere

Hosted in the cloud, RoomRanger is always available

Our simple mobile interface is designed for when you are on the go

Staff can tick off completed tasks instantly from their phone

We are here to support if you need assistance