RoomRanger finalist at the 2015 #TravelDailyConference

RoomRanger finalist at the 2015 #TravelDailyConference

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As part of the global conference on hospitality and tourism #TravelDailyConference 2015, RoomRanger had a successful participation with the introduction of its innovative management system and marketing for hotels.

This event, held on September 17th in Shanghai, China is one of the most important catalysts in the hospitality industry. It brought together more than 1,300 senior executives to discuss and share opinions about the digital power within the rapid growth of the hotel industry.

As the event challenged new startups to provide innovative travel-related solutions for today’s digital consumer, RoomRanger presented its personalised hotel management system and marketing platform, which focuses on enabling hotels to deliver greater personalisation for guests.

Guests will not only look for a good bed to sleep, but a more personalized and unique experience by hotels. That's what RoomRanger wants to achieve.

Tom Schauble, CEO and founder of RoomRanger.

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RoomRanger is a complete hotel management system and marketing platform for independent hotels to offer a personalized service to its guests and help increase profits. Visit the website to know how